About Us

Tinesar Forrest, Founder and Survivor


I come from a fighting family. My father is a Golden Glove champion and my brother was a celebrated boxer as well. Early memories include watching boxing matches on the floor console television and hearing Pop yell out: 

Stick and move!
Bob and weave 
Hit 'em with a jab!
Knock him out!!!


As I learned more about my family’s health history, I found out there were other fighters. These were cancer fighters. Nine immediate family members (six of them are deceased) had a cancer diagnosis. Nine. My diagnosis made 10. After my diagnosis, another family member was added to the list.  

11 family members; 4 types of cancer, 1 fight.


There was never a doubt I would fight but I quickly realized it couldn’t be done alone. Mentally, emotionally and physically, I needed help.

Thankfully I had friends and family who held my arms as I threw punches. Before I could even ask they were there— literally. They flew in town to show love in action. Local friends went to appointments with me and consistently checked in to make sure I was okay.

There were friends who sent cards, flowers and gift cards. Others prayed. Some brought food. One friend sent a blanket and other gave me a plant. Everything I received made a difference and lifted my spirits.  There were also those who wanted to do something besides send a card but weren't sure what to do.

A friend sent me a care box and little did she know how much it would impact me.  That gift fanned a subscription box idea I had been considering before my diagnosis.  The idea had new life as I thought about how to make it easier for people to give a care package to someone fighting cancer.  The boxes seemed like the perfect answer for those didn't feel a card adequately expressed their care and concern.

I talked it over with other survivors and friends and I could see the excitement in their eyes.  Every day I'd get new ideas and a clearer concept of how I could genuinely help women with breast cancer through gift boxes.  Soon, Help Her Fight was born.  




To echo the words of my father and to honor the legacy of those who have gone on, we will FIGHT!  

Stick and move!

Bob and weave

Hit cancer with a jab!


 Thank you for helping us fight!