Got questions? We've got answers!


When will the first box be sent?

All boxes are mailed the first week of the following month. A box ordered in December will be mailed the first week of January. Billing for recurring subscriptions happens on the 5th of the month.  We know waiting a whole month can be nerve-wracking so we've built in a little something special. Within a week of your order, we'll send you or the recipient a special gift. 

Example: You signed up March 15th for a monthly recurring subscription. You paid in March and the subscription will begin in April. A welcome gift was mailed within a week of your order. The first box will be mailed the first week of April.  Until you cancel, a box will be mailed the first week of the month.

One time box purchases or additional items will be mailed within 3 days of purchase.

Is shipping free? 

Yes! Shipping is FREE for purchases over $50. We use USPS for shipping and tracking.

Do you ship to countries outside of the United States?

Not yet but we will! 


Is my membership recurring?

Yes. 'Monthly' subscriptions recur every month on the 5th. '3 Month' prepaid subscriptions recur every 3 months. '6 Month' prepaid subscriptions recur every 6 months. The date of your next renewal is displayed in your account.  Gift subscriptions do not reoccur. 

Can I make a one time purchase instead of a subscription?

Yes! You can buy one box as a one time purchase. 

Can I send a fight box every other month instead of monthly?

Not yet. Offering bi-monthly and tri-monthly subscription options will be available Summer of 2019.


Do you have anything for men with breast cancer? 

Yes! Currently, the Diagnosis and Write Now, Not Later are suitable for men. 

Are these boxes only for breast cancer? 

Breast Cance is the focus however several of the one-time purchase boxes are suitable for any cancer diagnosis. You can choose "other cancer" when adding the item to your cart.


I bought a 6-month gift.  Is that purchase recurring?

No. Gift purchases do not reoccur. 

I don't know anyone dealing with breast cancer but I want to help. Can I donate money or a box?

Yes! Click here for more details.


How do I cancel?

We are sorry to hear your time with us has ended. Here's how cancellations work: 

A cancellation means that your account will not renew when the 1 month, 3 month, or 6-month term is up. It does not mean that you will be refunded or that your next shipment(s) has been canceled.

Example 1: Cancelling a Monthly Subscription
You signed up for a Monthly subscription. A day or so later, you cancel. You have been billed for 1 box and you will be shipped 1 box. Since you canceled your membership, you will not be billed again or shipped anything again.

Example 2: Cancelling a 3-Month or 6-Month Subscription
You signed for a 6-Month membership. At some point, whether it be a day later or 3 months later, you cancel. You have paid for a full 6-month membership and you (or the gift recipient)  will still receive all 6 months worth of fight boxes. Canceling only prevents the membership from renewing when the membership cycle is complete.