It's Time to Help Her Fight!

Cancer started the fight and with your help she'll finish it.

In this battle, no one fights alone! 

Send the premier subscription box for women who've experienced breast cancer.

How it Works

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Send a box to friend or family member  who's experienced breast cancer. You can send a one time or recurring gift.  It's up to you!

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Survivors, it's okay to send yourself a fight box! No one knows what you need more than you. Self care is important so why not add a fight box to your monthly regimine?

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Help Her Fight is connected to women throughout the US.   Do a random act of kindness and  give a stranger a box. Let her know you're wishing her the best.


What's In The Box?

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Why People Love Us

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My mom LOVED, LOVED, LOVED her box!  I appreciate and thank you for what you are doing.

Karen (Diagnosis Box)

The bracelets are beautiful. The words on the cup, keychain and bookmark are always helpful. I have read some of the book also. It is hard to explain and articulate my feelings and this book helps to that! 

You are right, it is a battle of faith. Thank you for the reminder to trust God!

Mary T. (Faith Fight Box)

The "Blessed" journal and the Cancer Fighting Kitchen are most impressive. The Bible verses on each page are my spiritual food and the cookbook will nourisih my body physically.

Anonymous (Diagnosis Box)

Depending on how you are given the care box, it will bring out a different response every time. When I opened my care box and I saw the goodies in the breast cancer tennis bracelet and it fit, and there were another bracelet that I loved, it had an anchor on it like she knew my sensitivity of being a Retired Navy Disabled Veteran...and the book "Praying for the Cure", then the key chain "What Cancer Cannot Do" - you need to either give someone a care box, or get one for yourself if you have breast cancer.

Patricia A. (Faith Fight Box)

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