Foods that Fight Cancer

We may not want to admit it but we really are what we eat. If your goal is to reduce your cancer risks, it starts with your diet.  In a support group session, a nutritionist said the FDA recommends 5-7 fruits and vegetable a day for the average person. Once you've had a diagnosis, it goes from 5-7 to 7-10!  Wow! That goes to show you the power of food.

Don't get stressed out wondering how you're going to eat 5 -10 fruits and vegetables a day.  A better strategy is to look at what you normally eat and become intentional about increasing that number by 1 each week. Another tip is to make your plate more plant based by decreasing your protein and starchy sides.  

This list isn't complete but it's a good start.  What foods do you eat to help lower your cancer risk?


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