Mastectomy Tattoos

When a woman has a non nipple sparing mastectomy, she loses her nipple.  There are several options to help a woman replace the nipple. Nipple reconstruction, prosthetic nipples, or tattooed nipples. 

Every time I read about Vinny and his tattoo work, I am blown away. I love his commitment to making a woman feel her best.  


My mission is to make women look good in the mirror, naked. I want them to feel good when they’re looking at themselves,” he said. “So I tattoo the nipple and areola to look like a real nipple and areola, not like a brownish pink disc.”- Vinny Myers


Watch the video to learn more him and his healing tattoos. Women have traveled from all over the country to visit Vinny.  If that's not an option for you talk to your breast surgeon and ask for recommendations.  Nipple tattooing has advanced so there are probably some great options in your area.

If you want something nontraditional and more daring, take a look at these beautiful works of art.



‘Instead of a scar, I had a piece of art’: These really are gorgeous, artistic pieces uniquely created for each woman.  Read more here: Tattoo Article

If you're inspired to get tattooed, be sure to see pictures of their work and maybe check a reference or two. 

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