• Mastectomy Tattoos

    Tattoos have come a long way. Take a look at how women are covering their mastectomy scars.
  • Smart Curve Technology

    One of the primary complaints women have about mammograms is the pain. Some women are very vocal about the pain which can create fear in women who ...
  • Help During Treatment and Recovery

    Cancer care can be expensive! If you or someone you know needs additional support, contact these resources.
  • Foods that Fight Cancer

    We may not want to admit it but we really are what we eat. If your goal is to reduce your cancer risks, it starts with your diet. 
  • Making Sense of a Cancer Diagnosis

    Cancer. No one could prepare me for that. It didn't matter that it ran rampant on my father's side of the family. It didn't matter that a sister was battling it. That was them-- not me. How am I going to get through this?!
  • We Interrupt This Program....

    It was Friday September 29, 2017. I worked a four day week so I was off. I was watching TV, sitting on the couch and clipping coupons. Around noon, my phone rang and it was the breast surgeon's office.  I answered thinking it was something simple.
  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the blog!